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Wow, your project sounds brilliant Sheila and really well put together.

Our project is based in Runcorn and the area definitely has a lot of similarities with the one that you describe.

Our project all started from a little pop up garden we installed last year, which people expected to be trashed within days/hours of us doing it, months later everything was still there and in fact people had started to put things in there too.

This year we are doing the garden project again, but using it as a chance to talk people along the way. We are doing this by holding several ‘art in the garden’ sessions and then going out to some other groups over the next few months. Loneliness is something that keeps coming up time and time again, from all different ages, which is actually quite heartbreaking.

We are more at the ‘Baby Steps’ level, as we pull our ideas together, but we want to put together a project that has some real longevity to it, incorporating art, gardening and localism.

Tracy: Thanks for replying! My main problem at the moment is how to produce a draft plan that will have enough evidence to provoke discussions with local government, but also be able to share it with our local community and not put them off with overcomplicated language.

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