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Hi Claire We are based in the village of Edwinstowe which is in North Nottinghamshire in the heart of Sherwood Forest. We have a diverse community in as much as we are from many different social and British cultural backgrounds but very little diversity in ethnicity as we are predominantly white British (around 98%)
Our village has undergone a lot of major changes in recent years and loss of much of its social infrastructure, including for some a loss of community identity. As our pit has now closed we are undergoing yet more change and loss. Our project is to involve the people who live and work in Edwinstowe to conduct a community survey with consultation events and create a community action plan. Hardly anyone we speak to has heard of Localism and many believe that the common man can do little to change their environment so we have quite a task helping people to understand that they do have rights and powers to actually do something about the way change happens and that there is help and funding for this. There are of course the Job’s comforters, the sceptics and the downright disbelievers but we are hoping to find a way of reaching out and building bridges as we go in search of the side-lined and vulnerable people who don’t usually get a chance to have their say.

We hope the action plan will identify projects and potential project leaders so we can regenerate the sort of community spirit I here the long term residents and natives talk about.
We have our launch even August 29th so it is all go right now.

Tracy it is good to know that we have someone from DCLG working with CDF as I for one have felt very uplifted at times when I have seen that Central Government are taking a genuine interest. It has not been an easy ride to get here and the DCLG has directly helped me over one or two hurdles we have met along the way.