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Hi Simon,

Being a My Community Champion is a really good way of sharing experiences and knowledge across the Network. You’re absolutely right when you say that there is a lot that people can learn from each other – whatever you’re doing locally, you can usually find someone who’s doing/ has done something similar and can share what they’ve learned and offer their support.

The role of a My Community Champion is to offer support to others involved with the programmes. It’s all about sharing your skills and experience with those who need a bit of advice and could benefit from some support.

When first signing up we’d recommend that you can offer 2 days of support from now until the end of March. Depending on the programme you’re involved with, the support will vary so it’s best to find out more from the project team (Sarah Broad should be able to help for CED).

Using this forum is a great way of providing support as well! If you see a post in here that you are able to offer advice on then we’d encourage people to jump in and answer where they can. The more that people use it then the more helpful it will be!

You can also get involved in helping run one of the regional My Community Hubs. These are being set up at the moment by Champions across the country and are a great way of sharing whats going on locally, to meet with others involved in similar projects and to host general events as well as programme specific training’s. I’ll be sending out more information about these shortly – watch this space!

As a Champion you’ll have the opportunity to attend national Champions networking events in addition to the general My Community Network events, and the chance to get involved with working with DCLG on the My Community Sounding Board. You’ll also have the support of your programme staff team and My Community Network.

I hope that helps Simon – let me know if you have any further questions. We could also look into running a Q&A session one day with some of the Champions from last year if that would be helpful – if it would let me know and I’ll look into it.