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Sure Gemma. We help groups of people raise significant sums of money from their supporters to fund projects that make a difference.

It’s not fundraising, where you give money and that’s that, but investment, where people are buying a stake in you and what you do. That transforms what they are prepared to give, raising it between 5-10 times what they’d be prepared to just donate (and being able to get a tax break in most cases helps too).

I work with groups who want to go down this route – that can involve helping them get the write legal structure, or building a business plan, or writing the material that persuades people to invest, and the marketing plan that goes alongside that. We’ve helped groups raise over £1.5 in the last 18 months.

Crowdfunder have started offering community shares on their platform and they provide the expertise on that side, and I check over the share offers that people want to host on the platform to check everything’s present and correct before making the offer go live.

Our first successful offer together was for Positive News, who raised £263,000 from 1525 people.