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So, we’ve got about ten minutes left of this live chat.

Nicky, maybe you could tell people how to register with Do-it?

Do you have a lot of community project opportunities or is it an area that is still growing?

1.) It’s super easy to register with Do-it and start recruiting volunteers.

– Sign up to Do-it.org
– Create an organisation & advert
– Wait for volunteers to apply!

Full info here: https://do-it.org/opportunities/landing
Support page here: http://support.do-it.org/hc/en-us

2.) Community project opportunities is 100% a growing area on Do-it.org. Before 2015 organisations couldn’t post directly on Do-it but since changing this we’ve seen sign-ups go sky high!

We love to promote local, grassroots and original projects. If you are a small project looking to use Do-it.org for the first time, email me on nicky@do-it.org. I’m happy to help you get started and promote your project with our promoted opportunities and News & Features section: https://do-it.org/news