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Thanks Nicky, we are about to undertake a community survey to find out what our community wants and needs and then aim to get a community action plan in place with some identified volunteers who want to run with some of the projects.


I’d definitely reiterate Nicky’s point about having more specific roles for volunteers, rather than a general ask so it would probably be a good idea to identify some of tasks that you’ll need help with and package them as roles.

Nicky, do you have any other more general tips around volunteer recruitment that you could share?

Is it worth distinguishing the differences between volunteering for a bigger organisation and for a smaller community based project and recruitment tips for both of these?

No matter whether you are a huge national charity or a small community project, treat volunteers with respect and always say thank you.

Volunteer are the lifeblood of our organisations and without them we couldn’t run these amazing projects! So treat them as you’d like to be treated:

– respond quickly to enquires

– communicate as clearly as possible what they will be asked to do

– be flexible (if they can only offer a few hours, that’s great! Don’t ask more of them than they can give)

– trust them (if they want to offer their professional skills, let them and trust them to do a great job)

If you remember that volunteers are invaluable to your project, and treat them with the respect & thanks financial donors receive, this will come across in your adverts on Do-it.org and you’ll get lots of great volunteers!