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Hi there

I work for a local authority and we involve volunteers in various projects. I use Do-it to promote volunteering opportunities and I must say I am happy with the number of potential candidates that come my way after seeing an add on Do-it.
My question is:
Can you change the registration process for the person looking for an opportunity to make the background information a mandatory field? All details that I obtain most of the time when the person registers an interest in the opportunity is their name and phone or an email address. It would be useful to know something about them before I make the initial contact.

Michal Czekajlo

Hi Michal,

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans to increase the number of mandatory fields on Do-it.

We used to ask volunteers to supply more info when applying but received substantial feedback saying they were unhappy with this. Often, volunteers are asked to fill out another form once they got in touch with the organisation themselves, so they didn’t like having to supply info twice!

Instead, we have made the new Do-it as light-touch as possible so that they are happy filling out a more lengthy form directly with the organisation. However, we are working to encourage potential volunteers on Do-it to include more information during application voluntarily.

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