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Hi Sheila,

Yep – you’re in the right place!

There are 3 top tips I’d give you for using Do-it to recruit volunteers for the first time:

1.) Know what you need.

Potential volunteers respond much better to a specific role than a general ask for ‘volunteers’. So, have a good think with your team tonight and make sure you know exactly what roles and tasks you want the volunteers to undertake. Basically, don’t just ask for 10 ‘Volunteers’ – ask for 1 gardener, 1 social media helper, etc.

2.) Give a good experience.

Volunteers are offering you their skills for free to treat them with respect. Always try to respond to applications as quickly as possible & let them know if their application is unsuccessful. Communication is key.

3.) Keep it interesting.

Finally, make your advert stand out! Write interesting and personality-filled copy for your Do-it listing & make sure you include a photo to catch volunteers’ interest.