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Thank you so much for replying. The building I’m referring to has been given an ACV, the owner then announced the potential sale and a community interest group has been set up, and our six month period is ticking away. The building does not actually appear to be for sale via any agents, and meanwhile the developer has submitted a couple of planning applications. We would like to see inside the building to get a better idea of the state of the building, and would like advice about how we approach the request. What is the ‘correct’ procedure, do we ask the developer or do we request access via the council (particularly as the developer informed the council that the building is ‘for sale’ and set the moratorium period)?
Regards, Jane


As far as the Act is concerned, there is no ‘correct procedure’ – it doesn’t extend to situations such as you describe. If the asset was being openly marketed for sale through an agent you would approach them. But as it’s not you’ll need permission to view from the owner. The local authority might be able to offer a bit of assistance to broker a conversation, but there’s very little they can practically do if the owner does not want to co-operate. There might be some drawings to inspect in relation to the planning application, so it’s worth a conversation with the local authority.