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It’s quite common for volunteers to lose interest, especially as they’re not getting any financial gain. We reimburse volunteers for their expenses such as travel and lunch so it’s not at a financial detriment to them. The best way to keep up their enthusiasm we’ve found is to give them more responsibility such as co-ordinating an activity independently. This makes them feel valued and diversifies their role a little.

We once had a young volunteer who was NEET who had no interest in volunteering at all, they just came because they had to. What we did was get to know them and ask them what they were interested in. They loved music, so we gave them a ver music orientated role where they had to help out at music events. Because they were doing something they were genuinely interested in, they remained engaged.

The main thing to remind volunteers of is the amazing job they’re doing and how they’re impacting the community. They’re essentially making a real difference and that’s what they need to be reminded of regularly.