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Hi everyone,

Just a quick one to see if anyone has previously dealt with the Wellington Pub Company?

Two of my local pubs are under threat, and they are the last two which means the death of the pub in the area. One of the pubs is from the 1800s and a group of residents have joined together to fight for it but the current PubCo is the Wellington Pub Company and they aren’t returning calls. The ACV nomination is being delivered to the Council today, but it might already be too late as the Landlords have been served an eviction notice (2 weeks remaining) and been told not to do an inventory before they leave.

If anyone has any contacts, or any experience of working with this PubCo that would be much appreciated!

Best wishes, Kobie


I don’t know the Wellington Pub Co. myself, but it’s good to see the new rule that’s been introduced about the ‘disapplication’ of permitted development rights for pubs under the Right to Bid. This means that where a pub is nominated or listed as an ACV, a planning application will be required for its change of use or demolition. This provides an opportunity for local people to comment on the application. Unfortunately, it doesn’t guarantee that the authority will take the pub’s ACV status into account as a material consideration when determining any planning application. But it’s still a step forward. This amendment does not extend to other types of assets beyond pubs, but it raises the possibility of wider application. We’d be pleased to hear about any comments on this issue.