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Just an update: using the Localism Act 2011 we served a Notice of Intent upon our local District Council to acquire a theatre. Since then they have sold the theatre to a new company for £1 and never acknowledged our Notice (sent by email and letter).

The story, from our perspective, is at http://www.spapavilion.co.uk

We’ve now heard that the new owner is threatening to sue me, a member of our group and the Lib Dems for defamation – or something.

The Council refuse to comment.


It sounds like you’re having a difficult time locally, and I’m sure that you understand that it’s too complicated to ‘resolve’ in this forum. But I wonder if other Just Act members who might be looking at this thread have any comments/wise words, based on their own challenges of working with local authorities/difficult projects? Perhaps there’s some conflict resolution examples out there from someone?