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Hi I’m Saqib Deshmukh from Voice4Change England (V4CE). We are a BAMER infrastructure membership based organisation in London. We are a Locality partner and will be shortly operating as a Relationship Manager across the country. V4CE are committed to ensuring that the My Community Rights/Localism agenda does not bypass Black, Minority Ethnic and Refugee communities in this country. With the new regeneration programmes and accompanying levels of gentrification currently taking place in particular in London it is important that groups assert their rights.

My journey around assets started in the early 80’s when the Tory government closed my school down around the corner from my house which completely changed the area. Since then I have campaigned against asset stripping and saved buildings from the clutches of developers ion High Wycombe. I was part of a senior management team in Leicester that oversaw the transfer of a five million meeting from the City Council to a Community Association. I am committed to ensuring that buildings in our localities are used to empower and strengthen communities.

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