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My name is Kenyasue , I live in Southwark background is management,research, equalities and a creative twist Poetry the Arts and now into hydroponics and up cycling. Our organisation called is ileto Caribbean peoples Network which I founded in 2000. We are a group of volunteers from all walks of life , the organisation was set up to address inequalities,train community champions advisor’s of need and to provide advice information,access to free or low cost residential training.We have also undertaken international exchanges see here https://unifiedsisters.wordpress.com/education-training/. Our target group are adults, families we also as a referral agency. We have international members whom we keep connected through the internet and we have an allotment, https://unifiedsisters.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/allotment-gardening-all-things-green/. and are interested in creating an organic community food shop and working with new partners.Email iletocpn@yahoo.co.uk