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That’s great Patricia, thank you. And if anyone reading is interested in learning more about the Our Place Pioneers mentioned, you can read their stories here.

In the past, what have been the main challenges for partners trying to work in this way?

Building these type of partnerships, devolving budgets/assets of community value will not always be smooth sailing. There will be barriers for all Areas to overcome. Success can be dependent on strong local leadership, a well engaged local authority, and the ability of communities and service providers to work together.

For community level organisations, as Giles Peterson from White City put it in a recent Just Act Q + A with the Our Place Pioneers, the main challenge for community organisations is “trying to identify those services that local / community led delivery can do better and cheaper than current providers or services you can deliver that have the potential to reduce demand for services -e.g. this befriending service will prevent people from falling into expensive residential care.”

From the councils end it will rely on them looking seriously at what neighbourhood community budgets can offer in their area.

And it needs central government to encourage greater collaboration with the programme across Whitehall to break the departmental culture of working in silos.