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Hi, my name is Ray Munro-Crump. I am the project manager for Aveley Village Community Forum. This is a local group that has become a company and registered charity. We currently run a youth & community centre in our village of Aveley which is in Thurrock. The centre was set up to provide services until a new community centre was built. We have been working on this project since 2003. We are working in partnership with Thurrock Council to build a new building as part of their Community Hub Programme. we have some funding (£1m from s106 money) but we need to maximise what we have as the building was originally planned at £2.5m. We are actively fundraising but any support towards set up or establishing costs would be very helpful. Are there any aspects of this programme that would help or support what we are trying to do?

Ray – It looks like you’re interested in capital funding options – ie. money to pay for the construction of your community building. I am afraid that that the grants available under the My Community programmes don’t include capital spend. However, in addition to your local fundraising efforts, there may be other relevant grant programmes that you should investigate. Your local council for voluntary services is a great place to start: http://www.thurrockcvs.org/Core/Thurrock-CVS/Pages/Contact_Us_1.aspx and the funding central website is another great resource: http://www.fundingcentral.org.uk/default.aspx It does a lot of the hard work for you in terms of search for opportunities.