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Hi, I’m Jeff Mowatt and I run a social enterprise from a Forest of Dean village. Out work started in community economic development in Russia when we sourced the Tomsk Reginal Initiatve. We moved on to Crimea and spent 7 years in Ukraine alongside local civic activists developing a ‘Marshall Plan’ for microeconomic development.

We’ve been operating in the UK since 2004, where since the death of our founder, our focus has turned toward community energy. In my other role as chair of the village hall, I have get our local council to place a derelict shop, adjoinging our hall om the community assets register.

In 2004, our aim had been to establish an network of community benefit societies, since this aligns closest with our people-centred model of economic development, where profit is used to srtimulate local economic development rather than returned to private hands.

Here’s how I see our model being applied to develop community energy.

About us

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