Getting started

Getting started

Want to get chatting on the Forum? Here is all of the information you’ll need

Getting started on the forum

This is the page where you’ll find everything you need to know about chatting on the Forum. We hope it is easy to use, but we have put together some tips and guidance in case you get stuck.

The Forum is a place where you can come and ask questions about your community project. Everyone starts somewhere, so sometimes it’s good to get the opinions of people who are also running projects. It is also home to the My Community Network – find out more about this here.

The basics

Don’t know where to start with a Forum? Don’t worry! Here’s all you need to know to get going:

  • You’ll need to register for the site
  • Once signed up you can go to your profile and set a profile picture (along the very top, next to where you’ll log in)
  • Then you’re ready to start asking and answering questions on the forum. You can do this by typing a message in the text box and clicking ‘submit’
  • You can add to your comments by attaching documents or photographs using the simple upload form
  • Finally you can use the ‘quote’ function to reply to someone else’s question – this copies their comment just above yours, so it’s really clear who has said what

For more detailed instructions, head to our technical tips for using the forum. This page includes how to attach documents and how to stay in the loop when others join the conversation.

The small print

1. Keep it respectful; abuse will not be tolerated. Sometimes the best discussions come from a disagreement, but let’s keep it clean!

2. Be aware of copyright. Make sure if you’re using  other people’s creations – especially pictures and videos from other websites – that you mention who posted it first and where you got it from.

3. Just Act content is protected. All content posted in our forum can be copied, quoted or used by us. We also reserve the right to delete spam, offensive and irrelevant posts at our discretion.