What next?

What next?

Take control over the services, buildings or
plans for your area with support from My Community

What next?

If you’ve been running a successful community organisation for a while, you might want to take a look at other ways you can have a say in shaping what is happening locally.

Did you know that you have legal rights to decide how things in your area work? This could be running a community building, building new houses, running public services or creating a plan for your neighbourhood.

For all of these activities, the My Community website provides advice and tools to help you take control over what happens in your community.

So, what can I do?

You can save places that are important to your community, like your local shop, pub, library or football ground. Or even help to build new ones.

You can help decide where you want new homes, shops or offices to be built; or make suggestions to improve your local high street or protect a nearby park.

Perhaps there is a local service that you think could be run more efficiently? For example, if you feel that young people in your community need additional support getting into employment, you could develop a new service with other members of your community to do this.

Or you could find your own approaches to tackle economic issues in your community and realise your area’s economic potential.

What help is on offer?

To give you a helping hand, Just Act is here every step of the way. It is home to the My Community Network; a place where you can chat to experts and connect with individuals equally as passionate about their community.

There will also be live forum chats and expert help for everyone taking part in any of the activities listed above – it works seamlessly with the My Community Help Centre in providing you with additional support on your journey.

Sound good? Head to My Community where you’ll find plenty of information and advice to give you the confidence to start making a real change in your area.

And if you’ve not already, sign up to Just Act today for instant access to the My Community Network where you can get involved in the incredible activity taking place across our neighbourhoods.

Is this support right for me?

If this doesn’t sound like where your community project is up to, then take a look through the 10 Steps. We’ve got lots of guidance for all kinds of community projects: whatever the aim or size.