About Us

About Us

Just Act helps anyone involved with a community project to find information and resources.

About Us

What is Just Act?

Just Act provides practical advice for anyone wanting to make a difference and improve their community. This could include anything from running a street party to re-planning a core community service.

Here you’ll find advice and information from a variety of organisations and people who are involved in community projects.

We believe in the importance of local people coming together and improving their community. But we know all too well some of the challenges which can crop up along the way. Every community project is unique, but the stumbling blocks are often the same.

That’s why we’ve created Just Act.

Just Act is divided into the following:

  • The 10 Steps is a breakdown of the main stages of getting involved in your community, providing tools and support along each step of the way.
  • The Knowledge Bank has information for different types of projects that you can browse or search.
  • The Just Act Forum is the place to go for discussion and any questions you’ve got.
  • Our Blog is the place to head for insights into how to make your community project a success.

And if you find this useful, why not rate how good the resources are, share your own stories and tell each other what works and what doesn’t?

This means we can make a trusted online community of our own.