A big hello to the Just Act community!

You’ll have noticed it’s been a little quiet on the Just Act website for a while, but we are delighted to let you know that this just about to change. Following the closure of Community Development Foundation who created this website, ownership of the site has now transferred to Crowdfunder. Who? What? Why? Let us introduce ourselves…

Crowdfunder is the UK’s leading crowdfunding website. We help people turn their ideas into reality by raising the funds they need to deliver their projects from ‘the crowd’. How does this fit with Just Act? This website was set up to help anyone wanting to make a change in their community to find the support and resources they need to make it happen. Funding is a part of making it happen, which is where Crowdfunder comes into its own, however we also know that many of the organisations and individuals coming to us to raise funds, also need other support to deliver their projects.

Just Act signposts people to find the right kind of support, by showcasing the best resources available. So whether your organisation needs to find out how to recruit more volunteers to help run its events, help with getting set up in the first place and finding the right organisational structure, or help with writing a funding application – Just Act can point you in the right direction. Through the Just Act Forums we’ll be able to put you in touch with experts in the community sector, including those who’ve already done something similar, so if you’ve got a question about insurance for community events, or whether your organisation could run a Community Share Issue, you’ll get a timely response from someone who knows their stuff.

At Crowdfunder we’re excited by the opportunity to support community and charity projects get the help they need to deliver projects which bring about real change for local people. We’re experts in raising funds from local people, we now have the opportunity to help you access expert advice across a range of fields too, as we all know it’s not just about the money!

We are looking forward to supporting everyone and hope you’ll enjoy our stewardship of this brilliant resource here in the UK.

Very best wishes

The Crowdfunder Team

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