Step 3 - Develop a plan of action

Support for community and project groups to collaborate and communicate

Does your community project need a secure place to share documentation and progress? Are you looking to consult and communicate with a group of local people? Do you have a need to share knowledge across a range of organisations and people? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then Knowledge Hub can help.

Knowledge Hub is a digital collaboration platform that connects people from all sectors who have an interest in delivering, improving and supporting public and community services. It is free to join and offers you a secure place to exchange knowledge, ideas, insight and experience.

The platform offers the opportunity to collaborate in groups using a range of tools including a discussion forum, document library, wiki pages, an ideas management tool and events promotion. Anyone from the public or not for profit sector can set up open or restricted groups free of charge and start sharing knowledge and learning with others.

It can also help you store everything related to a project or community all in one place for all members of the group to access. It can save time and money through allowing you to pool resources, share knowledge and avoid duplication of effort, putting a stop to lots of unnecessary round-robin emails.

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Step 3 - Develop a plan of action


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