Step 3 - Develop a plan of action

How to project plan

‘Projects’ such as delivering an event or running a fundraising campaign go much more smoothly when they’re properly planned – it allows you to think about any problems that might crop up along the way, as well as review your successes once you’re finished.

By downloading this guide you can get step-by-step tips on how to properly plan your activities – including things like allowing some ‘contingency’ time, in case things don’t pan out like you expected.

This guide was written by Planning Aid England for those participating in the Neighbourhood Planning programme, but we think anyone running a community project could use this well. If you’re interested in Neighbourhood Planning, take a look at the grants and support over on the My Community website, or if you have any questions just ask the My Community Network over in our forum.

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Step 3 - Develop a plan of action


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