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How your football club can own or manage facilities

Community football clubs can take more control over grounds and facilities through what’s known as an ‘asset transfer’. An asset transfer occurs when a public sector body, usually a local authority, passes on the management and/or ownership of a facility to a community group.

This guide, written by the FA, is full of guidance on how to get started in this process and is tailored specifically for community football clubs and leagues.

You can learn more about asset transfers and the Community Rights (a set of powers which give you more control over shaping your community, your local economy and future development of your area) on the Community Assets page of the My Community website. There are also grants and support available as part of the Community Ownership and Management of Assets (COMA) programme, and if you have any questions, you can ask the My Community Network, housed in the Just Act forum.

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Source: The FA

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