Step 6 - Find funding and support

What questions might funders ask?

Funders usually have a list of criteria that your project needs to fulfil, in order to be successful in your application. You need to be able to demonstrate that your project fits in with these criteria, and tailoring your application to them can be a bit of a challenge.

In August’s Just Act live discussion, one of our Community Champions, Karina Castro, shared how she helps groups find funding. She is a Project Manager at Trinity Community Arts, a charity in Bristol and part of her job is to help other community organisations get set up and apply for funding for the first time.

This PDF resource is a template of questions that are similar to ones that funders may ask you to complete in an application form. If you are prepared to talk about your project in these terms, it will help you when preparing to apply for funding.

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Source: Trinity Community Arts

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Step 6 - Find funding and support


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