Step 6 - Find funding and support

How to raise money using crowdfunding

Crowdfunding means that you can raise funds for your group by asking lots of people to donate a little money. If you capture the imagination with your campaign, the results can be staggering.

On the whole, crowdfunding uses the internet. You can put information about the project online and then people use that website to donate their money.

Now, there are a lot of crowdfunding websites out there. The rules are different for each, so make sure you look around and find the one that’s best for you; some are free, some charge a fee and others work on commission. You need to think carefully about which model will work best for your group.

There are lots of sites that are dedicated to crowdfunding for non-profits and community projects. Here are some of the ones we’ve found:

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Yimby by JustGiving

And that’s just a selection: for more options, Crowdcrux is a website and advice site all about various forms of crowdfunding, and they’ve listed their Top 10 Crowdfunding sites for Non-profits.

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Step 6 - Find funding and support


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